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The original Rip Off Comix series began in the mid-1970’s as a vehicle for the comix produced by the Rip Off Comics Syndicate. It ceased publication following issue 12 in 1983. In 1987 we brought the series back as a quarterly anthology magazine, starting with issue 14 (thereby neatly avoiding the “jinx” factor and also any disappointment on the part of readers who may have read the original ads for issue 13). A few issues still remain in print, collecting outstanding comix from the likes of Gilbert Shelton, Paul Mavrides, Hal Robins, Larry Todd, Dori Seda and many more. Most of the original series run is available in the Collectors' Items category.

Rip Off Comix #14


"The Face of War" features stories about war(and peace) by Spain, Shelton, Dori Seda and others. Includes Gilbert Shelton's classic "Smiling Sargeant Death."

Rip Off Comix #15


"Wildebeest's Choice." Roving editor Frappington Wildebeest VII treats us to a sampling of top cartoonists from Europe.

Adult content, not for sale to minors.

Rip Off Comix #16


"Battle of the Sexes!" With Trina Robbins, Mark Bode, Larry Todd, Bruce Bolinger and plenty more top cartoonists, trading punches from both sides of the Gender Line.

Rip Off Comix #17

Out of Stock

'Adventures under Arrest' edited by R. L. Crabb. True stories of Trouble with the Law by Mary Fleener, Joshua Quagmire, The Pizz, J. R. Williams and many more including Cherry creator Larry Welz.